And so the bonkers weather continues. After several weeks of dry, sunny weather the good old British summertime kicks off in true style with flash floods across parts of Lancashire. 

These extremes will cause problems for our lawns. They are used to having regular persistent rain, so to have drought then flood really stresses them out. Try and keep your lawns cut long if it’s dry & hot. And please remember to water them – grass is a plant after all. 

Also, consider aerating the lawns later in the year as the soil hardens & cracks form. The problem with this is that when the rains return they will take the path of least resistance, escaping through the cracks in the soil and not permeating evenly, causing some patches of grass to be beautifully green and other areas to look like they are dying. 
Don’t forget, contact us as soon as possible if you want your lawns scarifying or hollow time aerating this Autumn.