Weeds in your garden? Whether you live in Fylde, Formby or Preston if you have a lawn then you’ll probably have some weeds that are in need of some form of weed control. It’s by far the most common problem in lawns in Fylde and elsewhere. At Lancashire Lawncare we aim to eradicate your weed problems through regular weed control and lawn care. The products we use don’t harm the grass but selectively control the weeds by inhibiting growth and killing the weed from the inside out. How do we do it? A selective herbicide is used and coupled with regular lawn fertilizer we build the strength of your lawn while controlling the growth of those pesky weeds. Usually the weeds will start to disappear with 2 weeks of application although on some initial visits it may take a second application to really get rid of weeds that are well established in your lawn. So if you’ve got weeds and would like them sorting out, then give us a call today.