Unbelievable perhaps but like many lawns in this area you may well be still getting some growth. Therefore, this month could be an opportunity to give your lawn a final few cuts to see it through the winter months. Remember not to cut it too short though else the moss will really take hold. With all the blustery weather around you will have the thankless task of keeping your lawn free of leaves. This serves a couple of useful purposes including more sunlight on the blade of the grass therefore a stronger healthier grass and also it prevents bare patches occurring coupled with mold and moss problems. It also makes the place look tidier. As moss remains an ever constant concern in most lawns this is the time of year to apply a moss killer or control. This usually comes in the form of a final winter application from us here at Lancashire Lawncare. We also offer this early in the year to all our customers and offer it at half the normal treatment price you pay if you have either the scarifying or aeration services we offer. The moss control will darken the surface of the moss to prevent sunlight from penetrating thereby slowing the growth down. It is recommended that this be scarified out of the lawn and usually aeration helps too. As the weather gets colder the growth will slow down almost to a halt. If there is frost about then try to stay off the lawn or if your lawn suffers from water-logging again try to stay off the lawn. Look forward to seeing you over the next few months before the start of the new year.

The Lancashire Lawncare Team