Looking for a lawn care business in Southport? Hard choice eh? Well it needn’t. From speaking to many, many people over the years in different areas and on different services it would appear that the common thread is that people want a regular and reliable service by good, honest local providers. Here at Lancashire Lawncare that’s exactly what we strive to be. Our lawn care business is based in Preston, covering all of Southport down to Crosby. Our Southport customers come under the care of Rob who looks after the area and provides a quality service with a kindly disposition. We want our customers to receive the personal care and attention they deserve when they part with their hard earned cash. We’re not to be confused with the sprinkle and run lawn care businesses in Southport. We want you to be happy and therefore we don’t tie you down to a contract but trust that the service you receive will keep you on our books and encourage you to recommend us to others. Our lawn care business whilst covering all of Southport also includes, Formby, Crosby, Preston, Fylde and St Annes. So wherever you live if you have a lawn that needs care and you want someone you can trust to look after it then give Lancashire Lawncare a call today.