I think it’s fair to say that most lawns need scarification at some point. We’d recommend that once a year is usually sufficient especially if it’s in the dormant period when most of the thatch and moss can be removed effectively without stunting the growth. Lancashire Lawncare offers a lawn scarification service throughout its customer base in Southport and beyond. Lawn scarification serves the purpose of ridding the lawn of factors that inhibit growth, such as moss and thatch which build into a thick layer that chokes fresh shoots of grass. The effect can be that rather than have a nice green grass lawn; it’s more of a bouncy, cushion-like moss lawn. Lawn scarification can be quite a severe treatment on your lawn and occasionally there may be a need to reseed in areas especially if the lawn has been overtaken by moss. This is nothing to worry about, however, as the recovery after scarification usually is quick and causes no lasting harm to your lawn. Throughout Southport i.e. Ainsdale, Birkdale, Hillside, Marshside, Churchtown etc… we offer lawn scarification at a cost and at greater convenience to you than trying to do it yourself. We offer a no obligation quote to do it. Our lawn treatments will greater improve recovery too so feel free to ask about a regular treatment programme.