Dandelions, Yarrow, Daisies and Buttercups. Weeds, weeds, weeds and more weeds!! The bane of any gardener’s life. You have garden and plant flowers or a lawn, weeds appear. You plant nothing at all, weeds appear! So frustrating! Well, whether you live in Southport or elsewhere weeds everywhere need some sort of weed control. That’s where we at Lancashire Lawncare come in. Qualified to use herbicides and trained in application we can eradicate almost every weed from your lawn. Our regular treatment programme includes lawn weed control and lawn fertilizer which we apply quarterly to your lawn. Other services are available including moss control and aeration and scarification. The weed control we use for your lawns is a selective herbicide. Selective means it kills the weed not the grass. So while they fertilizer strengthens your grass the weeds are kept under control. Most weeds will clear in a single application however because weeds can spread, from neighbouring gardens, on the wind or in bird droppings to mention just a few, constant attention is needed. However, through a regular lawn weed control application they can be kept at bay. Weeds in a garden that has received no treatment at all will more than likely require a few applications of weed control to remove them completely. Give Lancashire Lawncare a call today to beat the weeds.