As we are now in the Summer months I’m sure like me you love to be in your garden, BBQ at the ready and entertaining your friends. The only thing you could be missing is a lovely lawn for you all to enjoy! Well we can provide the help and advice you need. Don’t forget our lawn care covers Crosby, Formby, Southport, Preston, Chorley, Fylde and all surrounding areas. Here are a few tips to keep your lawn looking great throughout the Summer.

1. Call Lancashire Lawncare – Why? We provide the needed nourishment for your lawn in the form of specific, well regulated fertiliser. At the same time we spray the lawn for any weeds that may be spoiling the appearance of the lawn.
2. You must keep on top of the watering – Why? Lawns, flowers and plants are all dependant upon water to grow and survive. A large exposed lawn is especially susceptible to drying out if it doesn’t have a good root base, from regular feeding, and is not watered regularly either from the rain or from your household watersource. Aim to water either early morning or the evening when the water will not just quickly evaporate away.
3. Mow the lawn, not too short – Why? The strength of the grass is in both the root and the blade. If you’ve cared well for the roots you are in a better position, however leaving the grass just a little longer at this time of the year keeps not only the colour of your lawn but also better stamina if it’s especially hot. A cylinder mower is arguably better as it leaves less ‘droppage’ on the lawn.