Have you considered lawn scarification? Whether you live in Crosby or Fylde or any other of the areas that we at Lancashire Lawncare cover we would recommend that at least once a year you consider having lawn scarification. This will keep your lawn healthy and to keep thatch, moss and disease at bay. We aim to carry out lawn scarification during the months when nothing is growing, commonly known as the dormant months. Due to the fact that nothing is growing this means that no growth is stinted but the ground is being prepared for the new growth come the spring months. Because lawn scarification is a fairly severe type of treatment, scraping the surface of the lawn and removing moss and thatch, there may possibly be a need to reseed in areas that have needed heavily treatment.  New growth proves to be healthier will much less thatch and moss to fight through. For lawn scarification in Fylde or elsewhere call Lancashire Lawncare for a no obligation quote.