Places of beauty are enhanced with care and attention to the smallest of details which may get overlooked; lawn care is one such area. How much better does a lawn look if it’s weed free and a good healthy green colour? You spend a lot of time and effort decorating and enhancing the inside of your property, what about the outside. An expanse of well cared for grass sets the scene for the rest of the garden.
As we continue to expand as a company we are able to enjoy providing a lawn treatment service to places you know and love. For example, as well as caring for many private customers we have also been successfully providing a lawn care service for Bartle Hall in the very heart of Lancashire. Bartle Hall plays host to many weddings each year and we at Lancashire Lawncare are helping to make sure that the grounds are just right for the bride and groom as well as the proud owners and workers.
If you would like to benefit from this kind of service be it a large estate that needs care or even a small garden then please give us a call.
We are fully insured and are qualified in PA1 and PA6a pesticide and herbicide handling.