Lancashire Lawncare are now offering £10 discount for any successful referral. We continue to expand our business not through expensive marketing but through the satisfaction of our customers. We are looking to use that as the basis to continue growth. We feel it only right that we continue to look after our loyal customers by rewarding them for successful referrals. So who can you think of that would benefit from our services? Here’s some helpful ideas below.

Who could you let know about Lancashire Lawncare?

* Family (Son’s, Daughters, Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties, Nephews, Nieces)
* Friends (Workmates, internal noticeboards at your place of work, social clubs)
* Your Gardener (We successfully complement many landscape and garden maintenance gardeners)
* Neighbours (Tell them why your lawn looks so good)

How can we spread the word about Lancashire Lawncare?

* Social Networking Sites (Feel free to refer us via Twitter or Facebook)
* Business Networking (Working together with other related businesses)

Looking for a unique present this year?

Why not treat a family member or friend to Lawn Treatments this year.

A basic lawn package can cost as little as £52 for the year, that’s just £1 a week!!


Yellow Suckling Clover – Birds Foot Trefoil.

Yellow Suckling Clover – Birds Foot Trefoil.

The current 'enemy' weed we're dealing with this month and last is yellow Suckling Clover or Trefoil as it's more commonly known. It is a seasonal weed growing from May through until August. This little weed has a dark green leaf and a bright yellow flower. It's a...

Credit where credit’s due

It is always lovely to receive letters and emails from satisfied customers, so we thought we would share this one with you... Dear Michael, Just a few lines to thank you for doing our lawns. After a very wet winter the lawns were in a sorry state. Thanks to you &...

Red Thread

Red Thread

Hi there! This is just an update on what's proving to be a issue this year....RED THREAD!!! Due to the changing weather conditions we've experienced over the last few years this fungus has become more and more apparent. It has always been around but the mild wet...