Over the past few months you’ll have noticed that we have had some very patchy lawns. This is primarily down to the dry weather we’ve been having. This April was the driest on record and even on overcast days there has been very little rain. When it has rained the dry conditions have left the ground hard, compacted and therefore more difficult for the rain to penetrate the surface. This is why we are seeing patches. Some areas have enjoyed the rain whilst others are too compacted and have not had the rain sink in. A simple test you can try is by taking a garden fork and standing on it. You’ll notice in the lush areas the ground is soft and is penetrated easily. In the dry patchy areas, however, you will not be able to do this.

Should I cancel my treatment then?

We strongly advise that you do not. The regular feeding that we provide will speed up the recovery of your lawn when the rains do come. Added to this the fertilisers that we use are a slow release fertiliser so they will continue to feed and keep your lawn healthy even in the driest of conditions. We would always advise that regular watering of your lawn will greatly help too.

We’ve compiled a simple guide for you to download should you wish which will give you an idea on possible lawn issues.

Patchy Lawns (click here)

We hope you are enjoying the regular news features and we’ll try and address any common problems or questions you have.

All the best

Your Lancashire Lawncare team.


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