LLC Spring Flower

Well it would finally appear that we’ve turned a corner with the cold easterly winds dying back and the warmer weather coming through. You may have just about begun to see a little growth from your grass. Temperatures in the ground need to be 5 degrees Celsius before you see any movement really and I think we’re getting close to that now and certainly will do over the next week or so. A little bit of rain will also bring out the best in your lawn. So don’t worry overly about the slow growth at present as its just been a slow start to the year. Our lawn care will help to bring it back to its best.

We are still scarifying like crazy and but will be finished by the end of April. If you are still interested in booking your lawns to be scarified then we will begin again in September. Extra moss sprays will help slow growth in the meantime so don’t forget to give us a call if you’d like that.

Our customers should almost all have received notification of a Spring Competition which we are running so please enter as many recommendations as possible to be in the running for the top prize.




Yellow Suckling Clover – Birds Foot Trefoil.

Yellow Suckling Clover – Birds Foot Trefoil.

The current 'enemy' weed we're dealing with this month and last is yellow Suckling Clover or Trefoil as it's more commonly known. It is a seasonal weed growing from May through until August. This little weed has a dark green leaf and a bright yellow flower. It's a...

Credit where credit’s due

It is always lovely to receive letters and emails from satisfied customers, so we thought we would share this one with you... Dear Michael, Just a few lines to thank you for doing our lawns. After a very wet winter the lawns were in a sorry state. Thanks to you &...

Red Thread

Red Thread

Hi there! This is just an update on what's proving to be a issue this year....RED THREAD!!! Due to the changing weather conditions we've experienced over the last few years this fungus has become more and more apparent. It has always been around but the mild wet...