I know, I know!! Nobody wants to think about winter after the miserable, wet summer we’ve just endured but, our lawns do need a little bit of attention to help them through the winter months and look great again in the spring.

It’s fair to say that the thought of being outside working on the lawn in the middle of winter holds little appeal for many and that’s understandable as temperatures drop and cause our green fingers to turn a shade of blue instead. If you are already a Lancashire Lawncare customer you are in good hands. We have already begun a course of treatment, the late summer/autumn treatment, that will prepare your lawn for the winter months ahead. The lawn feed is designed to build the strength of the lawn and coupled with the winter liquid moss killer spray will keep the lawn protected from the bite of winter. The moss killer specifically targets the moss in the lawn whether you have a little or a lot and turns it a black colour. This ideally needs to be be removed through lawn scarification which scrapes the surface of the lawn removing thatch and moss as it goes, leaving the grass to grow through more easily come the spring months.

Scarifying always takes place after the moss killer has gone down to avoid spreading moss spores to other parts of the garden. In some instances a little reseeding may need to take place after the moss and thatch have been removed. Note of warning to all customers!!! Your lawn will look terrible after scarifying!!!! but…but it will recover. This year, 2010, the lawns took a little longer to recover due to the drought which followed the scarifying period, almost all are back to there best now after continuing with the regularly scheduled treatments. Hollow-Tine Aeration is also extremely beneficial during the winter months as the compacted and hardened ground has small plugs pulled out to allow the ground to expand naturally and soften for new growth to come through. These jobs are particularly labour intensive but we are happy to offer them to you should you require them this year. You can contact us via the phone, email or even speak to us when we next visit about the options available to you. We like to be proactive in explaining these optional treatments to our customers as they really are a great benefit to your lawn, so we may contact you to offer them if we miss you when we do our regular treatments. Scarification will begin in the new year and will be carried out on a rota basis so we will contact you to let you know your treatment date.

Not sure how much it’ll cost? The simple way of costing up the job is to, a) for aerating double the cost of your regular treatment and, b) for scarification treble it. Simple!!


Yellow Suckling Clover – Birds Foot Trefoil.

Yellow Suckling Clover – Birds Foot Trefoil.

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Credit where credit’s due

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Red Thread

Red Thread

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