Once again it’s rolled round to the time of year where Lesser Trefoil rears it’s ugly head. Lesser Trefoil, or Yellow Suckiling Clover as it’s otherwise known, is an annual weed that pops up during May-October but is particularly prevalent during June, July and August. It manifests itself as a small yellow flower on usually has three leaves. It is a weed that is prone to spreading so use a grass box on the mower when cutting to avoid spread. As it’s a low growing ground weed it can spread quite quickly choking grass growth and looking a little unsightly. Whilst we have the means to halt its growth and spread with a selective herbicidal weed killer we would recommend that if larger clumps begin to appear then removing them by hand will be beneficial. The weeds will often be cleared with one application of the selective weed killer but a second application is often necessary.