Lawn Pest Treatment

Lawn Pests

During the spring and summer you may notice small brown marks appearing on your lawn. Why? Well this could well be the work of leatherjackets which are the larvae of the Crane Fly (more commonly known as the daddy longlegs!) These little pests eat away at the roots of your grass which in turn causes the grass to die thus turning brown. A further sign that you may have leatherjackets is if you notice birds, usually starlings, pecking away at your grass. This will not harm your lawn and will help a little in clearing some of the grubs. Having just a few small patches in the lawn is not a major concern however if you have a lawn full of leatherjackets then you need to take action. If you are experiencing any problems with your lawn please call us without delay. Lancashire Lawncare specialises in all types of lawn pest control and can offer helpful advice or can apply a pest control treatment to rid your lawn pests.

Chafer Grubs
As with leatherjackets you may notice small brown patches appearing on your lawn or birds vigorously pecking your lawn. This may be an indication that you have chafer grubs. The chafer grub is the larvae of the chafer beetle and can do considerable damage to your lawn if left untreated. It lives just beneath the surface of the grass and happily munches its way through the roots of the grass leaving them without nourishment from the soil and therefore turning brown and dying.
Should you suspect that you have chafer grubs or any other type of pest that needs controlling then please give Lancashire Lawncare a call without delay. We specialise in numerous pest control applications to keep your lawn pest free and healthy all year round.